Rabbinic Search

We are moving forward with our rabbinic search virtually! As our community is still in the midst of transition and we have two phenomenal candidates ready to share with our community, we are excited to continue on our journey.

Below is a schedule of events to join in virtually with Rabbi Leora Abelson (she/her/hers) and Rabbi Becky Silverstein (he/him/his)ALL LINKS FOR PARTICIPATION WILL BE EMAILED THE EVENING BEFORE THE EVENT. Explanations of events are below the schedule.

With Rabbi Leora:
Sunday March 22nd, 3pm Town Hall style zoom meeting with Rabbi Leora, all members welcome
Monday, March 23rd, 7-8:30pm Virtual Torah Learning with Rabbi Leora Session 1 (10-12 people)
Monday, March 30th 8-9:30am Virtual Torah Learning with Rabbi Leora Session 2 (10-12 people)
Tuesday, March 31st 8-9:30pm VirtualTorah Learning with Rabbi Leora Session 3 (10-12 people)
Friday, April 3rd 4:15-4:45pm Virtual Interactive Family Shabbat Service with Rabbi Leora
Friday, April 3rd 5:15pm Virtual Kabbalat Shabbat and D’var Torah with Rabbi Leora

With Rabbi Becky:
Thursday, March 26th, 7-8:30pm Virtual Torah Learning with Rabbi Becky Session 1 (10-12 people)
Friday, March 27th, 4:15-4:45 pm Virtual Interactive Family Shabbat Service with Rabbi Becky
Friday, March 27th, 5:15pm Virtual Kabbalat Shabbat and D’var Torah with Rabbi Becky
Sunday, March 29th, 3pm Town Hall style zoom meeting with Rabbi Becky, all members welcome
Thursday, April 2nd, 8-9:30pm Virtual Torah Learning with Rabbi Becky Session 3 (10-12 people)
Wednesday, April 1st, 8-9:30am Torah Learning with Rabbi Becky Session 2 (10-12 people)

– For the two hall style meetings on 3/22 with Rabbi Leora and 3/29 with Rabbi Becky, please send us questions in ahead of time. You may do so by emailing rabbinicsearch@neharshalom.org
– The Torah Learning sessions are each the same session 3 times to allow for more folks to interact with our candidates in small groups. We will cap them at 10-12 people. Please RSVP to rabbinicsearch@neharshalom.org with the session(s) you would like to join. 

– A feedback survey will be emailed to you after each event if you participated and to the general list at the end of the process. Please be sure to give us feedback! If you prefer to speak to a member of the search committee, please reach out to them individually or respond to this email and we will set you up.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with any questions! We realize this is an unprecedented way to do a rabbinic search, and these are unprecedented times. We look forward to connecting as a community in this process, albeit virtually. If technology is something you don’t have access to or need help in figuring out, please reach out and we will do our best to help support you in gaining access.


As always, email rabbinicsearch@neharshalom.org with any questions or feedback!


Welcome to the Nehar Shalom Community Synagogue Rabbinic Search Info Corner! We aim to have an open and transparent process and want to be sure all members of our community can check in regularly with us. Below we will share who we are, our values guiding the process, and our timeline.

The Rabbinic Search Committee is being led by board member Gabriella Spitzer (they/them). On the committee are Nehar Shalom members Elana Brochin (she/her), Bruce Ecker (he/him), Mark Finklestein (he/him), Aviva Herr-Welber (she/her), Erica Mintzer (she/her), and Board President Adina Koch (she/her). These members represent many facets of our community and are committed to ensuring we find leadership that meets the needs of our entire community.

 The committee is committed to ensuring a fair and just process to find our next leader. We aim for a process which includes representation and voices from all parts of our community, including yours!

 The committee is being guided by these values:

  • Kindness, listening, and respect
  • Productive disagreement
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • Patience
  • Urgency

 We are also adhering to integrity policies that include conflict of interest, confidentially and communication policies. These policies are linked here.

 Search Process:

  The search process started with community conversations at the Spring 2019 House Meetings, Fall 2019 Community Meeting, discussions with Rabbi Victor, and other informal conversations throughout the community. 

The Rabbinic Search Committee used the information from the community conversations to develop the rabbinic job description. It will be released to the public in early January 2020. This will be shared on the members listserv, through rabbinical school and networks, and on the wide-reaching Jewishjobs.com. Please share it widely!

  During February and early March the search committee will be conducting the first two rounds of interviews. Interview round one is with two members of the committee who do not have a prior relationship with the candidate, to the greatest extent possible. Candidates who move on to round two will interview with the entire search committee.

  In late March, the final two candidates will each be invited to spend a weekend with our community where they will lead services and give a drash or lead study. We will also conduct an open community interview, inviting all members.

  After these visit weekends, community members will be invited to submit anonymous feedback to the rabbinic search committee.

  Finally, in April of 2020 the Rabbinic Search Committee will submit a recommendation for hire to the Board of Directors.

 In effort to keep confidentiality and integrity, the Search Committee will not be sharing information about candidates until the two finalists are brought in to meet the community.

 If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback or input about any part of this process, please reach out to Rabbinic Search Committee Chair Gabriella Spitzer, gabriella.spitzer [at] gmail [dot] com or Board President Adina Koch, adinakoch [at] gmail [dot] com.

 We look forward to hearing your input!