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By the shores of Jamaica Pond, the city at one end of our street and the country at the other, Nehar Shalom means River of Peace. We are a small, intimate Jewish community, growing organically in a richly diverse, vibrant and socially conscious neighborhood of Boston. We have the distinction of being Jamaica Plain’s oldest, and, yes, newest synagogue! Remarkably, there has never before been a synagogue in Jamaica Plain.

We are a young community eager to welcome pioneering members. Without airs, we offer immediately accessible community in which each person has the opportunity to make a difference. Exactly as you are, each person is recognized at Nehar Shalom as a learner and a teacher. We offer the opportunity for you to learn new skills, and hope that you will share yours.

Nehar Shalom is a place where mistakes are holy, and perfection eschewed in favor of participation and empowerment. It is safe at Nehar Shalom to take risks toward personal and spiritual fulfillment. All are encouraged to feel the nachas, the soul-pleasure, of reading Torah, of leading prayer, of sharing insights on Torah and life.

Our davening, our manner of prayer, is traditional in form, primarily in Hebrew, filled with spirit and song. In keeping with the warmth and openness of the Chassidic shtibl or prayer room, the transplanted model upon which we are based, our goal is not to be rabbi centered, but to offer leadership opportunity to all, with the rabbi serving primarily as teacher and guide.

Seeking to reflect God’s Oneness and to see God’s image in each person, our defining values include a commitment to social justice, to inclusion, to equality of men and women, and to striving to transcend differences and recognize each other’s gifts. We welcome interfaith families and offer a safe place of worship and belonging to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Jews.