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Torah Seeds

Chavraya is an Aramaic term for a group joined together in common purpose for the common good. A synagogue community is a chavraya. Every Friday, as we approach Shabbos, I write a Torah letter to my community, the chavraya of Nehar Shalom. The writing of these letters has become an important part of the week for me and of my own spiritual practice. In a certain way, they have become love letters for me, feeling a suffusion of affection each week as I write the word chavraya.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my own reflections on the weekly Torah portion and to engage and wrestle with issues that arise at the intersection of Torah and life. These letters are incomplete, waiting to be enriched with the insights of others. I offer them to you as seeds of Torah, inviting you to add the living water of your own insights. Together, an ever-expanding chavraya, we shall bring new blossoms to the Tree of Life that is Torah.

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High Holy Day D‘rashot

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