Additional Programming: Volunteer Support Needed

Volunteer Support Needed!

There are some other programs and forms of support that we would like to offer, but need volunteer support to make happen. If you have a bit of time and energy, and are interested in helping make any of the following things happen, please be in touch with Rabbi Leora:

  • Family services on Zoom
  • Distributing Mahazorim (prayer books for the high holidays) for members to borrow (this would involve some coordinate by email, and possibly making some deliveries as needed)
  • Making a printed supplement with poetry, readings, recipes, and reflections by community members. (Do you have graphic design/layout skills? Do you have writing, recipes, poetry you would like to contribute?)
  • Coordinating shared yontiv meals on Zoom for folks who live alone or are celebrating the holidays alone (this is an email-based coordinating role)
  • Simchas Torah and Sukkos programming
  • Tech support during Zoom services
  • Writing a short kavana (intention/framing) to share during Zoom services
  • Shofar