Digital Songbook

Welcome to Nehar Shalom’s digital songbook – a special space to share samples of the beautiful music created and performed by those connected to the Nehar Shalom community.

As a community, we are overflowing with musicians and music lovers – from trained singers and instrumentalists, to emerging songwriters and niggun composers, to those who love to sing and play along. Whether during a soulful Souly Shabbos, or basking in the afterglow of Shabbat at a Melava Malka with the shitbl band, or as a backdrop to other formal or informal gatherings, the music of Nehar Shalom mixes with each individual’s kavanah to amplify a spiritual connection.

Do you have music to share? If so, we encourage you to submit some of your creations here, in this songbook, and share them with our community. To do so, please send your high-quality recordings (home or professional studio) to Jeff Kasowitz  ( or David Fainsilber ( So that we can feel your inspiration, please include a 1-3 sentence description of what Jewish text, experience or value inspired your creation.

Tracks 1-5: David Fainsilber and Jeff Kasowitz recorded these tracks in a small studio on the outskirts of Jerusalem in January 2012. With David living in Haifa and Jeff in Jerusalem in the months leading up to the recording, the two took advantage of a handful of opportunities to collaborate on the melodies and harmonies below which one or the other had composed. Jeff connects deeply to the texts of Lecha Dodi and Yehi LeRatzon – the melodies came to him while swimming in the Jerusalem Pool in late autumn, evoking transition to winter and both the sharpness and warmth of Jerusalem life.  Inspired by three different personal relationships, David composed the music for Mizmor Shir, Umotar HaAdam and Eshet Chayil in honor of three important people in David’s life.  The music is a testament to how relationships and Torah are intricately linked.

1. Lecha Dodi   [audio:|titles=01 Lecha Dodi (final)]

2. Yehi LeRatzon [audio:|titles=Yehi LeRatzon ]

3. Mizmor Shir [audio:|titles=Mizmor Shir ]

4. Umotar HaAdam [audio:|titles=Umotar HaAdam]

5. Eshet Chayil [audio:|titles=Eshet Chayil ]


Track 6: This is a recording of nusach from Cantor Pinchas Spiro by Risa Wallach. Risa comments: “Cantor Pinchas Spiro  wrote many helpful manuals for Cantors and Cantors-to-be.  It is a beautiful moment of Ne’ila where we plead with God to open the gates for us as the day is fading — our last opportunity to ask for forgiveness.  I find it very poignant and climactic, as that moment should be for us every year.”

6. N’eila selections [audio:|titles=N’eila Selections ]


Track 7: This is a recording of a Hasidic setting of L’kho Doydi played by Becky Wexler and her band Klezwoods. Becky comments: “I learned this setting from Reb Sruli Dresdner. If you use only the “B” section, it works very well as a congregational melody for the entire text. It sounds very similar to the famous “Bobover Wedding March”, but there are a few cadential variations. It is one of my favorite melodies, and I plan to use it for my march to the huppah!”

7. Hasidic L’kho Doydi [audio:|titles=Hasidic Lkha Doydi ]