Adult classes

An Early Morning Scoop of Torah at JP Licks: Informal Learning on the Weekly Torah Portion

Thursdays, 7:30-8:30 am, JP Licks, 659 Centre Street, JP

Come to the back of the store across from the fireplace, after you get something to fortify yourself with. You are invited to join us whenever you are able to. “Drop-ins” are most welcome. Please bring a chumash if you can. Exploring the weekly Torah portion offers a rich opportunity to interpret our lives through the lens of Torah and to interpret Torah through the lens of our lives. Come be part of a warm, informal, and supportive learning group. Even better than the ice cream!


Wednesdays February 27th – April 10th, 6:30 – 9:00 pm

In the SVARA style of Talmud study we will encounter the ״traditionally radical” nature of the Jewish tradition, and the cultivation of Talmud study as a spiritual practice. In addition to rigorous learning in a supportive environment, everyone is encouraged to bring their real-life experiences to the text and share openly.
This 3-week beit midrash series is for beginners and advanced students alike–whether you’ve just mastered your aleph-bet or you have studied in yeshiva for years.

What is Svara style?
The SVARA style has three components. Chevruta, shiur, and chazara. In the first part of class, after gathering and introducing the text, you and your chevruta/study partner, with lots of help from dictionaries, will work on deciphering the text in the original Hebrew or Aramaic, no matter what your skill level. After some time in chevruta, we will come together as a group to unpack the text, discuss it, and bring our own voices, lives and experience to it. The final piece, chazara/returning, is the real key. After shiur, you and your chevruta will spend time reviewing the text together to the point of deep understanding, ownership, and memorization. Memorization is a way of truly owning the text, beyond the book. Each student will experience a sense of accomplishment and ownership regardless of previous Talmud experience! Our beit midrash will be a warm and welcoming place for everyone to try new things and dive into the text together.

Teacher: Nehar Shalom Rabbinic Intern/SVARA Teaching Fellow Hayley Goldstein.
Cost:  (includes book and materials). Cost will not be a barrier to participation; please be in touch with Hayley at with any questions.