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We offer two different programs for children of different ages. The programs are thematically coordinated and planned through a team of dedicated teachers. For questions about any of Family Education Programs email:

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Mishpacha Family Hebrew School

Mishpacha Family Hebrew School at Nehar Shalom is a unique and collaborative Jewish learning program for young people ages 7-11 and their parents. Meeting Monday evenings for an hour and a half, this program brings together families who want to explore and learn together, creating community while immersed in Jewish learning. Acknowledging and celebrating our diversity, the Mishpacha Family Hebrew School joyfully fosters Jewish identity and knowledge, while seeking through a Jewish framework social justice and peace.

This is not your drop-off Hebrew school program! Mishpacha offers the opportunity to enjoy and explore Jewish learning with your child and a caring community of young people and parents. Play a key role in appreciating and empowering your child in acquiring a joyful Jewish education. Hebrew reading, values through Torah and prayer, and the cycle of the Jewish year form the framework of the Mishpacha curriculum. All manner of Jewish families, regardless of background or configuration, are warmly welcomed. Be part of a unique and collaborative Jewish learning program organized as a Family Beit Midrash/House of Study.

Mishpacha meets approximately weekly from October through May, with classes on Monday evening, 6:00- 7:30 pm.

First class: Monday October 5th, 2020

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Family Learning Circle

FLC tree of lifeThe Nehar Shalom Family Learning Circle is a family education program for children age 3-6 and their parents. Learning together through stories, music, art and drama, children and parents will share in Jewish ways of expression and celebration that can be continued at home. A Jewish framework and approach will be given to values such as diversity, social justice, peace and community.

Easily accessible and inclusive, non-judgmental and non-threatening, the Learning Circle will offer a joyful place of Jewish connection and learning. All manner of Jewish families will be warmly welcomed, families with mother and father, families with same sex parents, families with one Jewish parent, families with two Jewish parents, inter-racial families, families with biological parents and families with adoptive parents, families of children with physical challenges and families of children with learning challenges. All will have a place in the Learning Circle.

The Learning Circle meets one Sunday per month from October through June from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm.  All classes will be via zoom unless otherwise noted.

Kickoff: Monday October 12th 3-5pm at Jamaica Pond (or if inclement weather, 4pm online)

Family Learning Circle Program Information 2020-2021

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Financial assistance is available. For more information and details on tuition for 2020-2021 school year programs click here.

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