Rabbinic Search Committee Integrity Policies

Nehar Shalom Board of Directors Conflict of Interest Policy 

Prior to participation in any discussion or vote that would foreseeably affect the financial interest of either a member of the board of directors or a family member of the board member, the board member will fully disclose the interest to the full board. 

Timely disclosure of conflicting interests reflects the fiduciary responsibility that each board member has to the organization. The key is full disclosure so that no potentially conflicting interest is concealed. It will be up to the disclosing board member to decide whether to take the further step of abstention from discussion or vote.

Note: For the Search Committee, disclosures of connections with candidates should occur as soon as the candidates apply (during the resume review phase). Initial interviews will occur, to the greatest extent possible, with search committee members who do not have an existing relationship with the applicant.

Nehar Shalom Board of Directors Confidentiality Policy

Members of the board will treat as confidential all board discussions and votes related to (a) the expenditure of funds on behalf of Nehar Shalom, including the approval of contracts; (2)  the interview and hiring process for any position at Nehar Shalom and (3) the development of a response to any legal matters. Members will not share the substance of such discussions or votes with individuals outside of the board of directors unless authorized by the board. At any time either prior to or following the completion of any discussion or vote, the board may authorize the dissemination of appropriate public statements and notifications to the Nehar Shalom membership.

The goal is to maintain the confidential space that the board needs to make the many key budgetary, contractual and employment decisions over the next year. Confidentiality will allow the board to maintain the integrity of those discussions while allowing flexibility to the board to decide what to make public and when.

Communications with Potential Candidates

Search committee members will not discuss the shul, the process, any criteria, etc. with potential applicants, outside of “hey, my shul is looking for a new rabbi, are you interested in applying?”

Example: “Hey friend, my shul is looking for a new rabbi, are you interested in applying?” 

“Maybe! Can you tell me more about the job and the community and what you are looking for?”

“So, here’s the website and the job description. If you want more info on the community, I can put you in touch with another community member who won’t be involved in the interview and selection process.”