Friday Evening

On Friday evening, we welcome Shabbat with Kabbalat Shabbat, followed by m’aariv, the evening service.  Services are at 6:30 pm (until the end of day light savings time).

Souly Shabbos is a special Kabbalat Shabbat series on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. On Shabbos, a beautiful tradition says that we receive an additional soul, the “Neshamah yeterah”. Join us in the warm setting of Nehar Shalom’s JP shtibl as we welcome Shabbat with soulful and spirited davening, the richness of our singing together, sometimes drumming, and a range of musical styles from wellsprings new and old. Come lend your song as we welcome each other and our Shabbos souls.

Interactive Family Service to Welcome Shabbat

June  7th, 5:30 – 6:15 pm

This special once-monthly service is designed for families with children of all ages and will include time for singing, dancing, and story telling. Come experience the joy of greeting Shabbat together!

Saturday Morning

On Saturday morning, the Shabbat morning service begins at 9:30. Join us to daven and sing, to explore and discuss the Torah portion together, and to enjoy Kiddush and schmoozing with each other.

Shabbos morning is filled with much opportunity to lead. We hope that members of our community will begin to fill more and more roles.  Join us in building a more active and shared leadership and in the process help to deepen who we are as a community! If you are interested in leyning Torah, chanting haftarah, leading davenning or giving a drash, please sign up here.

Early Shabbat Morning Service/Family-Friendly Kiddush

June 15th, 9:00-11:30 am 

A number of our community’s families with young children have suggested beginning the Shabbat morning service a bit earlier once a month, so that they can more easily participate. This would allow them to come for a reasonable amount of time closer to the end of the service and still participate in Kiddush with everyone else before going home for nap time. This will be a blessing for all of us, as we enjoy Shabbos socializing with people we don’t often get to spend time with. Here are the details: 
Timing: Services begin at 9:00am; The main part of the morning service, Shacharit, will begin at 9:30, with the Torah service at 10:00. Following Musaf, Kiddush will begin at 11:30.
In order to start Shacharit without delay and flow smoothly into the Torah service, we need to insure a minyan by 9:30. There is something exciting in striving to meet diverse needs among us, in this case needing to rally our energy around creating a more inclusive monthly Shabbat service. This will of course require some sacrifice from all of us in committing to attending earlier services!  Please email Rina at to let us know whether we’ll be able to count you in the minyan at 9:30am.