Upcoming Events

The Wall as Metaphor Then and Now

200 Years of Immigration in 45 minutes

Monday July 1st, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

 A visual presentation from the Border by Victor Aronow, a lawyer working with Refugee Aid in Phoenix, AZ, an organization providing humanitarian relief for refugees and asylum seekers from Latin America. Setting today’s immigration struggles in historical context, Victor Aronow’s biography offers its own sweep of history, pursuing justice from Wounded Knee to Standing Rock, from civil rights to the southern border. Contributions will be requested for Refugee Aid, and pre-addressed post cards to Congress will be provided that call for field hearings in Arizona. Hope affirmed through activism, a presentation both sobering and inspiring.

Victor grew up in the Boston area, and graduated from Boston College Law School in 1970.  He was hired by one of President Johnson’s “War on Poverty” agencies to go to Arizona to assist in revitalizing a collapsing and ineffective legal services program.  He was terminated from that position by the local program because of his involvement in the Wounded Knee Defense Committee, and after several years teaching at the College of Law at Arizona State University, he began a career of criminal defense, political representation, and civil rights cases that continues to the present day.  He was a member of the Standing Rock legal defense committee and presently works with Refugee Aid in Phoenix.